Deposited at the National Library of Norway.

In 2012 Wind videoproduksjon deposited all the original video recordings and master tapes from 1985 and up in the National Library of Norway. Shotlists and editing lists were attached to the tapes.

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Some videos made for our customers:

Glomfjord 2010

The story of the industry of the village Glomfjord in Nordland started witrh ther purchase of a big waterfall in 1908. In 1918 the Norwegian government purchased the Glomfjord hydropower plant which was under construction. Since then the village has hosted many industry companies with international success. Among these: Yara, Marine Harvest, REC and the Statkraft hydropower plants in the area.

Heliiopter safety

Inland helicopters have been involved in accients too often. Therefore the Norwegian governmental Forum for Helicopter Safety made six short videos to give the non-professional customers of helicopter companies some information about how to act and move near a helicpter with running engine.

GSM-R railway radio

GSM-R stands for GSM Railway. This is a security phone system used by railway companies in several countries. The system covers the railway lines 100 percent - tunnels included.
Wind videoproduksjon made a video presenting the installation work done along the line in Northern and Southern Norway. The video was presented to an audience of government representatives and the management of the Norqwegian Railway Line Company, Jernbaneverket. Release date was the day when the GSM-R system was implemented on the first parts of the Norwegian railway network.

Cool fish

A web site and a DVD with several videos, text, images and games. Made for a highschool on the coast of Northern Norway. They wanted moe students in their Fish Farming and Fishery classes.The DVD is presented to students at lower level schools in the region to help them decide on further studies.

2 newpapers made 1

In December 2001 the employees of two newspapers in Bodoe got the message that in a few months there would only be one newspaper left. And many people would loose their jobs. Or they could resign and then receive a "resign package" - salary for a few months after resigning.
Wind videoproduksjon followed some employees through the process.

The Dams at Storglomvatn

From 1993 to 1998 Stakraft SF built two huge dams for the Svartisen Hydropower Station.
Wind videopropduksjon documented the construction process and made a video presenting the construction work. In the video there are also some 3D scenes describing terrain and technical solutions.

An active neighbourhood!

The government of Nordland County want to initiate the construction of simple outdoor areas for sports and physical activities close to where people live.
Governmental funds can be used to initiate the construction of such areas. But the people near the area must engage themselves and work on the projects for free - cut down trees, make jumping hills, put up simple shelters when the children can eat - and so on. Wind videoproduksjon made a video showing the connection between the non-paid work and the obtainable fund amounts. Which is a fixed peretage. Te video is used by local governments, sports clubs and other.

Power from the Glacier

From 1987 to 1993 Statkraft SF built the Svartisen Hydropower Station. The project involved building lots of long tunnels and waterways through the mountains.
Wind videoproduksjon documented the building process and made a video released oh the date when the Power Station was started for the first time.
The video received 1. price - Gold Camera Award - at US International Film & Video Festival in Chicago in 1994.


Numerous Norwegian local banks went into a close cooperation in 1995.
Wind videoproduksjon made a video to describe the activities of the new banking group for emplyees and customers of the new bank. We visited bank offices and customers from Spitzbergen to Halden. At the event when the cooperating bank system was presented to the employees, the video was transmitted to 4 halls in Norway where th 3.000 employees were gathered to celebrate the cooperation.

polarCirkel boat

Helgeland Plast AS has made boats for the fish farming industry for 2 decades. But these robust black and red polyethylene boats have become very popular also among other customers. Today they are used by coast guard, navy, as Fast MOB / Rescue boats, for recreation and much more.

polarCirkel fish farming equipment

Helgeland Plast AS is a leading company in the production of fish farming polyethylene cages, moorings, wires, nets and other equipment needed to withstand rough weather conditions on fish farming sites around the world. The company also do the mooring calculations and makes turnkey deliveries.

Building the Nordland Sloop "The Brothers"

The Nordland Sloops were the most important ship model in Northern Norway in earlier days. They were the only connection between the northern districts and the cities of Trondheim and Bergen. They carried the dried stockfish made from cod catched during the Lofoten cod fisheries from January till April eech year. And they carried back from the cities goods needed to survive the next year: Grain, salt, ropes, sugar tobacco and spirits.
But none of the old sloopes could sail anymore. The few remaining were falling apart in boatsheds or outdoor.
Therefore in 1993 a new Nordland Sloope was built. It is 70 foot long and sails on the coast of Northern Norway carrying school classes or arranging conferences or sightseeing. The sloop has its home harbour at Melbu in Nordland

Renewing runway

In year 2000 the runway of Bodoe Airport was nenewed. The 2.800 meter long runway was in use all the time during the work period. Half of the runway was an airfield when the rest was renewed. Wind videoproduksjon documented the work and made a video for the contractor Skanska AB and the Defence Real Estate authorities.

Lurøy municipality
Lurøy municipality is divided between the mainland and numerous islands on the coast of Nordland County. This is a challenge in many ways. The local authorities have done a good job to inform regional and national authorities about the conditions that their inhabitants are living under. The many local vilages are mainly full of activity - some of them even expanding industrial activity and the number of inhabitants is raising. Other villages or remote islands may have tougher time to keep their young ones staying locally.
The video tells about the Lurøy municipality and its inhabitants. Often used when local industry or authorities are recruiting new personnel.

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